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I found myself multiple times leaning in and even asking the publishers to repeat themselves so I did not miss anything they might have said.

Furthermore, with a two-hour duration, my voice quickly grew tired which leads me to my first tip: 1) Be sure to bring something to drink, so to keep you hydrated.

I organized my components from left to right; starting with the box I gave an overview of the theme of the game, followed by the objective where I displayed the agenda cards, then the character cards, etc.

Due to the limited time of each pitch — six minutes — I chose to omit an explanation of some of the components but I still prominently displayed them to encourage the publisher to ask the burning question — “what are these cool looking things?

This year’s Gen Con was a huge deal for my wife and I.

Not only was it the 50th anniversary of the convention, it was also our first time attending, the first time in Indianapolis let alone Indiana, the first time using an Air Bn B, and of course the first time pitching our board game to real life publishers.

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