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01-Dec-2017 08:46

This is a core fact of sharing and the social web of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms.

In short, by not making money from display ads, and by extension deprioritizing page views, Buzz Feed incentivizes its writers to fully embrace Internet assumptions, and just as importantly disincentivizes pure sensationalism.

More importantly, with this model Buzz Feed has returned to the journalistic ideal that many – including myself – thought was lost with the demise of newspapers’ old geographic monopolies: true journalistic independence.

Just as journalists of old didn’t need to worry about making money, just writing stories that they thought important, Buzz Feed’s writers simply need to write stories that people find important enough to share; the learning that results is how they make money. It’s not just journalistic independence though; all the other accoutrements of the golden age of newspaper journalism – international correspondents, long-running investigations, so on and so forth – flow from the fact that Buzz Feed is building something sustainable.

Baquet wrote: We’re retiring our system of pitching stories for the print Page 1.

It’s a pretty rough consumer experience to demand your audience sit through an ad, online or off.The latter was important not just for the avoidance of blatant corruption, but also because it imbued the editorial side with a certain responsibility to focus on stories that deserved to be written because they mattered, not because they were sensationalistic.This last point was best exemplified by The New York Times’ famous slogan, “All the news that’s fit to print” and by the paper’s legendary Page One meetings where editors would pitch stories for inclusion on the most valuable real estate in journalism.The most obvious benefit of this strategy is that, contrary to popular opinion, and contrary to its many imitators, Buzz Feed does not do clickbait.

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Editor-in-chief Ben Smith wrote last year: Clickbait actually has its origins in old media, not the web, and specifically in the don’t-touch-that-dial antics of television and radio.Specifically, I find it fascinating that Baquet in his memo refers to social as “our digital platform”; in fact, social, at least superficially, belongs to Facebook in particular, but in practice it belongs to no one and everyone. You almost certainly know the story: a seemingly nondescript photograph of a dress that appeared to some as being white-and-gold, and to others as being black-and-blue, was posted to Tumblr.