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04-Jun-2017 19:13

In honor of Pennywise's theatrical debut, we rounded up five other rent- or stream-able films featuring clownish villains. The 1988 film may have a ridiculous title, but its over-the-top costumes and witty screenplay make it a worthy entry into the B-movie canon.

As the name indicates, the film is about a group of interstellar clowns that invade a small town. This Irish film centers on Stitches the Clown, who comes back from the dead to haunt the people involved in his death at a party.

The horror comedy is a genuinely hilarious take on the scary-clown trope. Remember the Tim Allen movie where he accidentally kills Santa, then puts on his outfit and starts turning into Old Saint Nick?

It's supposedly a heartwarming Christmas tale, but it also sounds a bit like a horror movie.

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If you want to stir the pot a little bit: 'Catastrophe.' The show, which was created by and stars comedians Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, follows a mature pair that accidentally gets pregnant during a vacation fling and decides to give commitment a try.

A search of his rucksack found pornography, condoms and sexual enhancement tablets - with more indecent images of children found in a subsequent raid at his home.