Dating and younger men

09-Dec-2017 01:18

I've been known to creep home late from a hot date to find Lauren, my single daughter, pacing the floor with a "What-time-do-you-call-this? Like any single "girl", when I have a date, I go into a manic mode about what to wear.

I buy new clothes and lingerie, hiding the racier stuff for fear of filial disapproval.

If I fancy shacking up with younger men, I don't see why I shouldn't.

After all, Jerry Hall, Joan Collins and Kim Cattrall are all at it.

I'm looking for a handsome, charming, erudite and wealthy man who takes care of his body.

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This may sound like the behaviour of a teenager rather than the fiftysomething, twice-divorced grandmother I am, but I'm single, so why shouldn't I expose myself to every dating opportunity that comes along.They won't commit to a date in advance, and you could be dumped without warning if Real Madrid were playing football on TV that night. My South African eventually disappeared with my Ray-Bans and £10 he owed me.