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02-Jul-2017 12:27

She married a man called David Edwards, in 2015 and the inquest heard it was a ‘turbulent relationship’ which ended when a ‘domestic incident’ resulted in the death of Mr Edwards in August, 2015.

She was found guilty of murder in March last year and sent to prison.

How would you react if your apartment suddenly became the scene of a suspected murder, and your roommate was the alleged killer?

A man from Gainesville, Florida, live-tweeted his pure shock as his home turned into the site of a murder investigation.

Nor does Edward Woodward, and it is simply too great a stretch to see a burly Holmes. Hillerman is as solid a Watson as any, which is in itself amazing as Hillerman is from Texas.

THE son of a woman who was jailed for murdering her husband took his own life, an inquest has found.

Coroner Susan Duncan found that Dean Brewin died of asphyxiation at his home in Lindsay Street, Horwich on May 8 this year.

Uncharacteristically, he refuses to help until he realizes that Moriarty is behind the missing State secrets.

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He learns that a very seductive woman, Sophy De Vere, has been hypnotizing one of Mycroft's young assistants to steal the information.Holmes' comment that it is "Appropriately accompanied with inaccurate and melodramatic illustrations" is a nice acknowledgement that neither Woodward nor Hillerman reflect the sleuths as depicted in Sidney Paget's artwork accompanying the tale.