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“I have no words to explain to you how my sexual life has changed ever since I hooked up with Maryanne. Hummel says he is not leaving for home any time soon and when he does, he will be accompanied by Maryanne whom he was planning to officially marry before the end of 2016.

When I met her, I was an old stooping man who walked with a cane. And although he has children back in Germany, he says he has left everything to Maryanne in his will.

“Back in Britain, I only encountered fat, flabby women who eat junk food day in, day out.

They could barely lift a leg, so don’t even ask me about bedroom matters. I got redemption when I came to Kenya and found Njeri,” says Phil.

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Revellers dance to the loud reggae music being played by a foul-mouthed deejay with a fake Jamaican accent.I had tried various women back home since my late wife passed on in 1985, but I was not impressed. Phil Tubman, another white foreigner, left Britain 10 years ago after retiring from a telecommunications company where he worked as an engineer.He hooked up with Njeri who worked as a stripper in club in Malindi and he confesses that since then, he has never looked back.No realiable data In these communities, girls are enrolled in schools when they are ten years and over and once they complete Class Eight, they are 18 years and have identification cards.

“In fact, this is what parents use to defend themselves when asked why they married off their children at a tender age,” he said.

The study by an NGO that monitors child sexual abuse and trafficking trends, says these children are mainly from Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale counties.