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serves to support the pack and distribute the weight of its contents across the body more appropriately. the backpack was used as a means to carry the hunter's larger game and other types of prey and as a way of easier transport for other materials. moneybag and packsack were used before; they now occur mainly as regionalisms tas pria.

Most of the weight is therefore taken off the shoulders. and used to carry one or more "havers" or havercakes or oatcakes. This may be combined with webbing or cordage straps tas murah.

Ötzi the Iceman may have used one in Copper Age Alpine Italy.

a cloth sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. Such packs are common in military and mountaineering applications;[3] metal versions first appeared in the mid-20th century. The name Rucksack is cognate with Danish Rygsæk tas pria. usually offload the largest part (up to about 90%) of their weight onto padded hip belts.moneybag and packsack were used before; they now occur mainly as regionalisms. The frame of an external frame pack is typically made from aluminum.Frameless The simplest backpack design is a bag attached to a set of shoulder straps. The load must be dispersed onto the skeletal structure in a balanced way.

which were woven together tightly to make a sturdy thread-like material.

Lightweight types of backpacks are sometimes worn on only one shoulder strap.

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