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06-Oct-2017 07:04

Step 3: Click on 'Check for Updates' and install an i Tunes update if one is available.Step 4: Close the i Tunes application and restart your computer after the update is completed.i Tunes Match and Apple Music both allow you to sync your tracks to i Cloud Music Library, where you can can stream and download them to any i Phone, i Pad, Mac, or Apple TV without having to take up physical storage space.While both services are incredibly convenient when they work, they aren't completely error-proof either.I even let it go for literally 15 minutes (JUST to see if it is a timing thing, but it's not).When I look on the music section on the phone via i Tunes, the file is there, only grayed out with a dashed-line circle next to it (presumably because it's still trying to sync). So if one of those songs you added is the culprit, you'll have to exclude it to get the sync to work again.If you're getting stuck with i Cloud Music Library giving you an endless "Sending information to Apple" error, this is most likely the reason.

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it doesn't even tell you what songs are being synced and, as such, I can't pinpoint what the issue is. There are up and down arrows to switch from seeing the player status vs. You will probably have to take everything off and put everything back on again to see the songs go by.I tried restarting the phone, i Tunes, and my computer with no success. Try not adding the file, and playing it in i Tunes, or another media player to check to see if it is bad.It was working fine this morning and now all of a sudden it is not working. Other causes are bad cable, bad USB driver, hub between the computer and the i Phone.A similar thing happens if you start i Tunes first and then connect the i Phone/i Pod, the i Tunes freeezes until the device is disconnected.

There are several things that could cause i Tunes to freeze up.Is there a corrupted library file that could be issue that would need regenerating or something of that nature? I would watch that bar to see what song is causing the hang.