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Seona 1 , Sezona 2 i snimljena je i treća, dugo očekivana, nastavak popularne televizijske serije "Vojna akademija"! Oni traže smisao u životnom pozivu, izboru partnera, nalaze ga više ili manje, svako za sebe, i dalje sanjajući svoj zajednički rani san o drugarstvu i patriotizmu... Naši kadeti, čije smo rane ljubavi, uspehe i neuspehe pratili, sada su mladi ljudi koje je život razdvojio ili spojio, već po svojoj ćudi...The high concept of mixing military academy training and de-facto teen drama (couples forming and breaking like it was a Josh Schwartz prod) is viable but the execution of that idea in this particular show was lousy and amateurish.The writing was so lazy with so many clichés that every now and then one has to cringe.See full summary » The story of professor Kosta Vujic who in the mid-19th century taught an extraordinarily talented generation of gymnasium students, some of whom would go on to become prominent members of ... See full summary » The action series takes place in Belgrade at the present time.See full summary » Lila and Sreten marry and begin to live together with children from his and her first marriage. Aleksandar Jakovljevic, played by Vuk Kostic, a young but already experienced inspector, gets first big case - solving the ...In particular, Tamara Dragicevic (as Nadica) stood an order of magnitude above the crowd with exceptional command of modern facial acting (even doing transitions like a seasoned pro) and effortless presence. She just went stealing scenes and then episodes and eventually the show.

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Uz neočekivane obrte, spajanja i razdvajanja, jedno je sigurno - drugarstvo kovano godinama ostaće u njima da živi.However, eventually, Gordan Mihic was hired to pen the whole series.Upon completion Mihic was dissatisfied with the changes made by director Dejan Zecevic and the cast so he removed his name of the series and it was broadcast without screenplay with Mihic only credited as the creator of story.This phenomenon tends to happen in shows with sub-par direction where one actor emerges as an unstoppable force (Leighton Meester did similar thing in "Gossip Girl") while director is not watching.

See full summary » The action series takes place in Belgrade at the present time.

Dusan Premovic submitted his draft in the Spring of 2010 and after his screenplay was rejected Dimitrije Vojnov was hired to pen his take.